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Full Service & Individual Human Resources (HR) Consulting, Management

At Human Resources Pro, we know that your business is unique. Each business we work with has human resources concerns that are exclusive to their own position at a particular moment. We meet you right now, wherever you are, and offer a full menu of HR consulting and management services.

We pair you with
HR consulting professionals who are experts in their fields and in particular geographical areas (We work nationwide!). They will help you discover business management solutions that will guide your company steadily toward your business' cultural and economic goals. By using an HR consultant service instead of taking the time to hire and train an employee or building an HR department, you are also using the most cost-effective way to reach those goals.
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Strategic Management of Human Resources Planning, Development, & Support

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This includes:
  • Sourcing strategies for how to find good employees.
  • Talent (employee) retention strategies for how to keep good employees.
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This includes:
  • Conducting a needs assessment to determine areas of focus.
  • Leadership training to make good managers into great leaders.
  • Creating business development career paths to plan for employee development and advancement.
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This includes:
  • Considering a compensation or pay philosophy tied to your company culture.
  • Access to HR specialists in variable pay, executive compensation, retirement planning, and health insurance planning.
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This includes:
  • The option of using our proprietary software--Perfecting Employee Performance (PEP).
  • Setting and following up on KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) for employees and managers.
  • HR AI technology to track performance management metrics.
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This includes:
  • Evaluating and/or creating company core values and a company mission statement.
  • Consultation on work life balance.
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  • As a preview, learn about why having an entire association of consultants is beneficial to you. Our consultants also consult with one another to take advantage of every HR expertise available.
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  • For HR experts
  • For potential business clients.
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with further questions or to arrange services. 
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Human resources management | Human Resources Pro
Human resources management | Human Resources Pro


Human resources management doesn't have to be an expensive drudgery or a chore that makes it harder for you to pursue your passion and success through your business. There are those with HR experience and skills to spare and to share, and we enlist their help on your behalf. Human Resources Pro simplifies your business processes while making sure you meet HR compliance requirements and have the best possible environment for you and your employees to thrive. Contact Us today to get started on the path toward a simpler, well-organized, well-managed company!
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