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Who Are We? is an association of Human Resources Consultants who provide full service HR consulting services to small, medium, and large businesses. Through our experts we provide high quality assistance to companies needing HR expertise but without having to hire a full-time employee.

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Robert Griffard

Robert has 25+ years of experience having been VP of Human Resources, Compensation & Benefits VP, International Human Resources Manager and Human Resources Consultant.

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Compensation Calibration Using Range Ratio

Compensation Calibration Using Range Ratio

Compensation management, sometimes referred to as reward management, remains one of the most challenging areas for HR practitioners. Perhaps it is the absolute need for precision, equity, and return on investment involved in it, or the difficulty in arriving at a...

Compensation Philosophy

Compensation Philosophy

What is your company’s compensation philosophy? Did you know that you have one? Every company has a compensation philosophy. Some are explicitly published by the company while others are implicit in the actions taken by various decision makers in the company. There...

Core Values: Say What?

Core Values: Say What?

Beliefs That Guide Actions Core values defined simply are the basic beliefs which guide every individual’s actions, whether at work or at leisure. Like individuals, organizations too have core values which help them set apart their culture and influence their strategy...