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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and HR Business Performance Management

Telling someone if and when they're "doing a good job" can be very difficult if you haven't established a baseline for what a "good job" is. Human resources consultants at Human Resources Pro can help by assisting in setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for both employees and managers, as well as other performance management tools, that will make sure your employees are clear on their job expectations and how they can grow and develop along a career path. These strategies can be tailored for managing work-from-home (remote workers) and in-office performance management.
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How To Use Performance Management Tools, Including HRIS Software

At Human Resources Pro, we have exclusive connections to a software that our founder, Robert Griffard, developed. It's called Perfecting Employee Performance (PEP) and is just one of the options we have available for employee performance appraisal software.

But before you begin considering which software to use for tracking employee performance, it's important to first decide on the approach you want to take when appraising your employees. HR specialists with
Human Resources Pro can help you with:
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Communicating Job Expectations
including relevant performance metrics and goals (KPIs fall in this category).
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Coaching for Sucess
by creating a structure for manager follow-up, both informally and formally, on a regular basis. Informal meetings could be as often as a daily occurrence, while formal assessments are likely to be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.
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Recognizing Results
including employee self-evaluations, manager evaluations, performance-linked compensation, and in the meetings mentioned above.
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Planning for the Future
by training employees and managers on business goal-setting, mentoring and coaching relationships, and with state-of-the-art tools like PEP.

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Other Aspects of Performance Management

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Employment Engagement Training
What is your company doing to make sure employees are challenged without being overwhelmed? Are you compensating employees enough to improve motivation?
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Employee Communication
Do you have a company-wide philosophy on when, how, and how much you communicate with your employees about company-related business? What takes place on a one-on-one level and what is more appropriately done company-wide?
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Team Performance Management
Are your teams designed for high performance? Do you encourage direct consultation with managers, organize employees within a team, motivate individual team members, coach continuously for success, and reward appropriately?
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HR Information Systems (HRIS)
Do you take advantage of the technology that's available to make performance management and other HR functions easier and less time-consuming? These human resources topics include data storage, tracking, and analysis both for current and former employees. Do you have that technology now, and have you also made plans for the future?
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Performance Management | Human Resources Pro
Performance Management | Human Resources Pro


Whatever your business' human resources needs, there is no reason to stay feeling overwhelmed or out of your typical areas of expertise. Human Resources Pro is here to connect you with HR experts in many different areas (see our Services Page for more information) to get and keep your company on track. Through an employee and labor relations consultant, we can help our clients produce better business results, financially as well as by creating environments to make and keep happy employees. If you're ready to engage with one of our HR contractors, contact us today to get started.
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