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Robert Griffard

Robert has 25+ years of experience having been VP of Human Resources, Compensation & Benefits VP, International Human Resources Manager, and Human Resources Consultant. He has worked with top companies such as MPC Computers, West One Bank, Bank of America, Litton Data Command Systems, Morrison Knudsen International, etc. Through his extensive career he has had the opportunity to work in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, the UK, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mexico and Brazil. He earned his BA in Chinese and International Business from Brigham Young University. He is well versed in all aspects of human resources, with special emphasis on compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and performance management.


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The Value of Employee Compensation

Compensating employees appropriately requires a specialistic application of science as well as a seasoned amount of art. Data, scientifically assembled, forms the foundation upon which the compensation artist develops pay programs to enhance a company’s mission, vision, and goals.

We will provide the components of compensation (market data, sample policies, proven practices, or strategies) to you. We will also analyze the data, create the policies, and work with you to implement and communicate them. Our practice covers all aspects of compensation.
  • Compensation Philosophy           
  • Pay Administration
  • Merit Increases
  • Promotional Increases
  • Off-Cycle Adjustments
  • Variable Pay
  • Management Bonuses   
  • Sales Incentive and Commission Plans
  • Recognition & Reward Programs
  • Executive Compensation           
  • Direction for Managers        .
  • How to answer employee’s questions
  • How to communicate compensation
  • How to align compensation with performance
  • How to make compensation a motivator and not a demotivator

Do you need to know what the market is paying for a job?

In addition to our full suite of compensation services, we provide market data for jobs, whether you need one job, several jobs, or many jobs.

The data is collected by Compensation Professionals using published salary surveys conducted in accordance with World at Work quality standards. No employee-reported data is used. The data is current as of the first of the current month.

The following is an example of the data we provide.

With current market pay data you can review the pay of your employees. If you need assistance with compensation strategy, analysis and program development, please contact us for a quote.
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